Day 0: Diving into 30 days of writing reflection questions!

This post is from the 30-day reflective writing series I made for Academic Writing Month (November 2018). For background on the series and links to all the videos, visit this page. To turn on subtitles: On a computer, hover at the bottom of the video window to make the row of icons appear; click on the “settings” icon (which looks like a cog), and select “Subtitles.” On a phone, the “subtitles” icon is in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • A reminder that this 30-day exercise is not about achieving quantitative goals, but rather is about reflecting deeply on our writing projects and gaining clarity on how to construct our manuscripts. This is like a party where I’m setting out 30 different dishes for you, my guests, and you can sample and savor whichever ones appeal to you. :)

  • One suggestion for how to prepare for the exercise is to think about how and where you want to respond to the questions (and whether to invite a friend to join you!)

  • A bit about the project I’ll be writing about in my own responses. Hint - it’s kind of meta.

  • Preparatory question: What kind of energy are you feeling as you dive into this exercise - positive, negative, or ambivalent - and how is that energy suggesting you approach the reflection questions?

Posted on October 30, 2018 and filed under #AcWriMo, reflection questions.