Day 1: If your project had a manifesto, what would it be?

This post is from the 30-day reflective writing series I made for Academic Writing Month (November 2018). For background on the series and links to all the videos, visit this page. To turn on subtitles: On a computer, hover at the bottom of the video window to make the row of icons appear; click on the “settings” icon (which looks like a cog), and select “Subtitles.” On a phone, the “subtitles” icon is in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • A manifesto is an explicit declaration of the values, beliefs, and vision for the future that underlie any given project, movement, organization, or cause.

  • Every compelling research communication has some coherent underlying set of values and vision of the future that it is working to bring into being — the kind of values and vision that can be expressed in a manifesto!

  • If we can articulate a manifesto for our project, however simple, this can help us clarify and stay focused on the deep why of the project, so that this “why” can ultimately infuse every page of the finished manuscript.

Posted on October 31, 2018 and filed under #AcWriMo, reflection questions.