Day 25: What do you know for sure about your subject?

This post is from the 30-day reflective writing series I made for Academic Writing Month (November 2018). For background on the series and links to all the videos, visit this page. To turn on subtitles: On a computer, hover at the bottom of the video window to make the row of icons appear; click on the “settings” icon (which looks like a cog), and select “Subtitles.” On a phone, the “subtitles” icon is in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • As academics, we exist on the edges of knowledge and have a deep awareness of the complexity of all things. So, we are always seeking deeper understanding and greater nuance, and we have heightened awareness of everything we don’t know.

  • This awareness can keep us from recognizing how much we really do know, how much we have learned, and how much knowledge we have already constructed.

  • This reflection question is an opportunity to acknowledge and affirm the knowledge-construction you have already done in the course of your project to date. What do you know for sure about your subject that you didn’t know when you started this work?

Posted on November 24, 2018 and filed under #AcWriMo, reflection questions.