Day 10: What’s a motto or slogan you can use to reliably reconnect with your project?

This post is from the 30-day reflective writing series I made for Academic Writing Month (November 2018). For background on the series and links to all the videos, visit this page. To turn on subtitles: On a computer, hover at the bottom of the video window to make the row of icons appear; click on the “settings” icon (which looks like a cog), and select “Subtitles.” On a phone, the “subtitles” icon is in the bottom right corner of the screen.


  • What’s a motto, slogan, or rallying cry that is specific to your subject that you can use any time you need to reconnect with your project? This can be a phrase or sentence that you put on your phone’s wallpaper, on your bathroom mirror, or anywhere that it can serve as a reminder and external support for you in staying connected, or getting reconnected, to your project. You could approach this question by revisiting your manifesto from Question 1 and distilling it into one phrase or sentence.

  • An alternative to coming up with a phrase or sentence is to identify a theme song or anthem, again specific to your subject, that expresses the idea or theme of your subject so aptly that just hearing the song can get you in the mood to work on your project.

  • Once you have settled on the motto, slogan, rallying cry, or anthem that expresses the core idea that connects you to your subject, think about how to use it to support yourself in your writing. Where in your home will you put it? Which friends can you share it with, so that they can remind you of it when you’re feeling lost or disconnected from your work?

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