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Knowledge-building is the key to our individual purpose and our collective progress.

It’s how we build the models of reality that enable us to think and act in more productive and satisfying ways.

But knowledge-building is incredibly difficult to do.

Out here on the edges of what is known, there are no guides. The process defies all formulas and templates; no step-by-step instructions can lead us where we need to go.

We don’t even really know what our destination looks like.

Yet we can navigate the process—just like our ancestors navigated the mapless oceans—by recognizing the constellations and currents. By learning the deep, invisible patterns and structures that give the process coherence.

These deep patterns and structures point us to the questions we can ask ourselves anytime we need to get our bearings and decide which direction to move.

On this page is the knowledge-builder’s compass, a tool that can get you moving in whatever direction you need to go right now.

The knowledge-builder’s compass has four points:

Who? What? Why? How?

scholarshape margy thomas knowledge-building compass





Who, What, Why, and How are the four moves of the knowledge-builder. Recognize the Who. Listen to the What. Envision the Why. Live in the How.

We’re creating models of our world even as we find our place within it.


ScholarShape is dedicated to helping you find your way through the knowledge-building process. Check out the other resources below <3