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Reflective writing is a powerful technique for getting in touch with what we think and mean and for maintaining our sense of purpose and direction in a knowledge-building project. Whether you’re writing an academic book or article, developing a grant proposal, planning a business venture, working on a trade nonfiction writing project, or reimagining your life as a whole, engaging in focused yet flexible writing exercises can help you clarify the substance and significance of your project, and even gain insight on how best to structure and engineer your written communication to invite others into your intended meaning.

The free, self-paced writing courses on this page were developed to help you integrate reflective writing into your knowledge-building process. I initially created them through my work with academic researchers, and I refined them with entrepreneurs and other knowledge workers. The intent behind these resources is to help anyone who’d like support in working to construct and communicate new knowledge. For a taste of ScholarShape’s video-based reflective writing exercises, check out the 30-day reflection question series I put out in November 2018.

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—Margy Thomas, Ph.D., Founder of ScholarShape

scholarshape free reflective writing course Deep Why

[COMING SOON!] Calling all researchers, scholars, academics, nonfiction writers, mindful livers, and other knowledge-builders!

Do you have a pile of information you've been trying to process into a clear, communicable, usable meaning? Did you used to know the point of your project but then lost it somewhere along the way? Try this free, self-paced 7-day email course, DEEP WHY, to reconnect with your project through reflective writing exercises. Includes 7 emailed lessons with short videos and exercises.

This course is designed for scholars and endorsed by entrepreneurs and other knowledge workers.

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