Retainer (40+ hours)

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Retainer (40+ hours)

from 90.00

Retainer clients commit up-front to 40+ hours of services and receive a discounted rate of $90/hour, plus priority scheduling on select dates. The payment ($3,600) is payable upon the establishment of the retainer. Additional hours may be purchased in any quantity at the discounted retainer rate.

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How to set up a retainer for ongoing services with Margy:

  • Complete the new client inquiry form to determine your eligibility
  • After Margy confirms your eligibility, you can make your first payment on this page (select "first payment").
  • While going through the payment process, you will be prompted to read and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Once you've made payment, you may go to Margy's scheduling page and schedule tasks for Margy to complete. (Select "retainer" event types.)
  • The second payment is due upon depletion of the retainer (i.e. once you have used 10 hours), or within 60 days of the first payment, whichever comes first.
  • Once you have made the two required payments, you may purchase additional hours in any quantity at the current retainer rate. To purchase these additional hours, purchase this product again, but instead of selecting "first payment" or "second payment," select the "extra hours" variant in whatever quantity of hours you'd like to purchase.
  • Reach Margy directly at whenever you have a question about scheduling, or about anything else!