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This page is a dumping ground for writing resources that I create for you, as well as for links to others' resources that I find especially valuable.


The Working Thesis Newsletter

For dispatches from the quest to develop the Story-Argument model, you can subscribe to the Working Thesis newsletter. Here are a few highlights from the newsletter/blog:

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Recommended Resources

Here’s a list of books and resources on academic writing that I admire and find myself often recommending to people.  None of these are affiliate links; I'm just sharing with you what I find helpful.  I'd love to hear your suggestions for what else I should read! 


My Writings on Academic Entrepreneurship

If you're curious how I went from academia to entrepreneurship, and are considering bringing more entrepreneurialism into your life, you can check out my blog posts for The Professor Is In, where I offer tips and strategies for academics who want to create their own jobs.

Or you can check out this presentation I gave at Duke in 2014 while recovering from abdominal surgery because NBD. Also here’s a blog post where I tell you how to develop your own consulting service.

Entrepreneurship has become a deep fascination of mine as I discover ever more parallels between academic and entrepreneurial work.



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