Writing an Article for Publication

Turn that languishing paper

into a stunning journal submission

How to Get Published

  • Write your article with a specific journal's standards in mind 
  • Choose your journal carefully, considering the "Aims and Scope" statement
  • Ensure that your article presents novel idea and contextualizes that idea
  • Before submitting your article, have it carefully edited for style, clarity, grammar, and other issues.
  • Expect the review process to take several months



5 Tips for Getting Published

  • Choose a project that excites you, that advances the field, that matters
  • Tell a great story, paying attention to the flow of the manuscript
  • Choose the best journal for your paper: be ambitious, but don't aim too high
  • Don't overstate your findings, don't ignore the work of others, and don't hold back data
  • Be careful with your data and figures; report what you see, not what you wished to see



"I have always been grateful for Margy's help with my essays. When she reads my work, she doesn't just fix grammar and call it good; her keen eye always goes straight to the core of my argument, and she then proceeds to ask me the tough questions that I really need. Conversations with Margy lead to a sharper thesis, clearer organization, and more lucid prose."

J.B., Ph.D., Currently a tenure-track assistant professor


"Margy is a very attentive reader, and she knows academic writing. ... We worked a lot on the first few pages of my article, which helped me establish a solid framework for the argument. I ended up with a revise-and-resubmit from a reputable journal and was invited to present my work on a panel with several of the top scholars in my field."

Rachel P., doctoral student