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For any knowledge-builder, engaging outside perspectives is critical. When you’re in the process of creating new knowledge to be communicated in a book, article, or some other form, the feedback you receive becomes valuable data that informs how you shape, frame, and polish your material. The people who give input to your project in conference Q&As, peer review reports, and casual conversation are like test users who help you iterate to the final shape and design of your knowledge product.

When you get one-on-one support from me, Margy Thomas, Ph.D., of ScholarShape, you are inviting in a test user who has spent the past decade studying how effective scholarly communication works and developing a schema, the Story-Argument model, to describe it. I will analyze your work-in-progress and give you specific, tailored suggestions on how to structure, engineer, and compose your text so that it simultaneously advances a persuasive argument and tells a compelling story about what your research means.

My services are confidential and customized. Whether you’re developing a book, article, proposal, or other research-based text, I can meet you in the middle of your knowledge-building process and help you find your Story-Argument. Project types include

  • Academic articles (new and revise-&-resubmit)

  • Book proposals and chapters

  • Presentations and conference papers

  • Grant proposals, policy papers, and white papers

The two service options at this time are Conversations and Dispatches. The goal in both services is not only to assist with your current project but also to provide broader insight on how to craft your research into Story-Arguments within specific genres.

scholarshape margy thomas phd conversations knowledge-building

Conversations are one-on-one deep-dive discussions on the substance and structure of your project, where you and I discuss how your material can best be shaped into a compelling Story-Argument. To prepare, you complete the Conversations Workbook, and I review your responses. We then meet for an in-depth 60 to 90 minute call to dig into the most pressing questions and issues identified in your Workbook responses, and we strategize your next steps. I make a recording of the call and email it to you afterwards. You also select a date for a follow-up email from me and specify the question or goal you want us to check in on. Discount available for booking multiple sessions. // First session: $290 // Follow-up on same project: $250 // Five sessions booked at once: $1,250

HOW IT WORKS: Conversations can be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 10:00 am, 12:00pm, and 2:00 pm Eastern Standard Time [Here’s a time zone converter]. Conversations are held via phone (U.S. clients only) or Google hangout (U.S. or international clients). To set up a Conversation, fill out this form, and I will reply within 24 hours to schedule your Conversation and provide a payment link. Once you’ve confirmed the booking by paying, I’ll email you the Workbook, which you can complete at your convenience and return to me via email by 24 hours before your session. I make a recording of the session to send you, but you’re also welcome to record on your end as a back-up. You also choose a follow-up date for me to send you a check-in email with a question or task of your choosing. Discounts are available when you purchase multiple sessions at once. [Schedule a Conversation]

scholarshape margy thomas phd dispatches knowledge-building

Dispatches are reader reports that I develop for you through the lens of the Story-Argument model. You send me your current draft of your project, along with your completed Dispatches Workbook identifying your goals, challenges, and questions with the draft. I analyze both your draft and Workbook to develop detailed revision suggestions (usually a meaty 2,000+ word report) on how you might (re)frame the draft at the macro, meso, and micro levels to better reach your target audience. You also have the option to book a follow-up call with me to discuss the report in greater depth, as well as additional rounds of edits as you continue to develop your Story-Argument. // Rates: $400 - $900 depending on draft length

HOW IT WORKS: Dispatches are usually ordered 3 – 6 weeks in advance. To purchase a Dispatch, fill out this form, and I will reply within 24 hours to let you know the fee (based on your approximate draft length), your delivery date, and the payment link where you can confirm the booking. Once you’ve confirmed the booking by paying, I’ll email you the Workbook, which you can complete at your convenience and return to me on your due date, along with the draft that you’d like for me to analyze. On your delivery date, you’ll receive the Dispatch from me in the form of a PDF file that I email to you. You have the option to book follow-up phone calls to talk through the report. [Schedule a Dispatch]


Retainers for long-term support. I occasionally accept clients on a Retainer basis for bespoke developmental editing support. Retainers start at 40 hours (U.S. $3,600). Send me an inquiry for more information about this option.