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Writing a Research Paper

From developing research questions

to reviewing a near-completed draft,

you can use specific techniques to ensure

that you produce your best work, efficiently.


Resources on this page

Krugman's Research Rules  |  Developing Research Questions  |  How to Write a Great Research Paper  |  More coming soon!


Developing Research Questions

This video from Laurie Librarian discusses why you need to begin academic research by developing research questions; then, she explains how to develop good ones. A good research question is specific, yet complex.


"Your thesis summarizes the answer to your research question in one sentence."


How to Write a Great Research Paper

In Professor Simon Peyton Jones's excellent lecture, he explains how to integrate writing throughout your research process. As you write, develop a "ping"--a single, clear idea--and in the later stages of writing, ensure that your entire paper focuses on this one key idea.



"When you write a paper, your idea develops and ratifies into interesting things."