Writing Retreat Pre-questionnaire

The purpose of this form is to help both you and Margy prepare for the retreat. Share as much or little information as you'd like; all information remains 100% confidential. 


What are you most looking forward to about the retreat? Is there anything about the retreat that makes you nervous or apprehensive?
Which of the following best describes your goals for the retreat? Select all that apply.
Do you have any other goals for the retreat, aside from what is listed above?
Please indicate which writing skills you feel very proficient in. If unsure, leave blank.
Please indicate which writing skills you would like to improve. If unsure, leave blank.
Do you have any other writing skills you feel proficient in, aside from what is listed above? Any other writing skills you would like to work on?
If your project doesn't have a title yet, please give the working title or list 3-5 keywords or constructs associated with your study
If you haven't done so in a separate message to Margy, please describe the current state of your manuscript. What have you written? How long is it (in pages or words), and how close is it to "done"? If you're writing a book proposal/monograph/dissertation, please describe your current plan for the chapter divisions. If you're writing an article, please list your target journal(s) if possible. EXAMPLE A: "I have a rough draft of the first chapter (8,000 words), a detailed outline of the second chapter, rough notes on the third chapter, and nothing for the fourth chapter. I'm not sure how to begin the Intro or Conclusion. The second chapter will be a heavily revised version of an article I published last year." EXAMPLE B: "I am working on an article based on research I did for my dissertation; I need to condense and reframe a 300-page dissertation into a 10,000-word article, which I hope to publish in X journal."
What field(s) does your work fit within? What research trends or scholarly conversations do you follow?
What materials do you plan to bring to the retreat (laptop, notes, books, etc)? What special materials would you like to request for Margy to bring to the retreat? Special materials include a travel whiteboard, poster board, post-it notes, and targeted writing resources.
What else would you like for Margy to know before the retreat?
Is there something extra Margy can do to help you stay motivated at the retreat? For example, would you like to work toward a positive goal (e.g., a certificate of achievement), or work to avoid a consequence (e.g., a check sent to your least-favorite charity)?

Thank you! I look forward to seeing you soon!