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Story is the optimal container for sending complex information from one brain to another. But the work of shaping a story from a pile of research, crafting an argument from a mess of data, is one of the hardest intellectual projects a human can undertake. That work lies beyond the reach of most productivity and writing advice, and it shrivels in the face of the inhospitable work conditions that are the daily reality for so many scholars today.

The work of knowledge-building is more urgently needed than ever before, and so difficult to actually do. 

But -- what if scholars had access to powerful tools that could help them navigate their oceans of data and reams of rough drafts? Principles and structures that could support them in the hard work of creating knowledge? Procedures and methods they could follow to transform their research into compelling arguments and powerful stories?

This is why ScholarShape exists: to help 21st-century researchers find and use the tools they need to navigate their research projects, discern the stories in their data, and find the words to communicate their knowledge to those they want to reach.

Support for Scholarly Writing

Margy Thomas, Ph.D.

I offer institutional-level support designed to help universities as they support faculty and graduate students' research communication and scholarship development.    

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I offer customized one-on-one support to scholars across disciplines who are preparing articles, book proposals, book chapters, and monographs for submission to journals and university presses.  

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