Confidential, customized scholar support.

I help academic writers across the disciplines, mostly early-career faculty in the social sciences and humanities, articulate the meaning of their research, produce well-structured and clearly written drafts, and streamline their writing processes. My method centers on asking the right questions and helping clients focus on what matters most. My clients produce monographs, articles, and grant applications that do justice to their insights and expertise. 

My larger project is to develop a comprehensive framework that organizes all our existing knowledge on how to do scholarly writing, and that fills crucial gaps in our understanding of how to construct arguments that are long and complex, yet elegantly readable. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive monthly dispatches from this quest.

I offer institutional-level support designed to help universities as they support faculty and graduate students' research communication and scholarship development.    

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I offer one-on-one support that is customized to the individual scholar's project, discipline, and stage of the research and writing process.  

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I write a monthly newsletter detailing my quest to develop a comprehensive framework for scholarly writing and elucidate the principles underlying complex argument construction.

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